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Understanding The Bible


Which Bible translation should we read? Which one is the best? Does it matter? How did we get so many different versions? Can we trust the Bible to be the Word of God? Glad you asked…!

Desert Shepherds


Jesus tells us that He is the Shepherd and we are the sheep. This evokes scenes of green hills and rolling grassy plains. However, Judea, where Jesus lived and ministered, is a land of deserts and seasonal wilderness. PF has had the unique experience of not only living in the same land, but living with […]

Joseph: Portrait of Faithfulness


Archaeologist, PF, describes the many palaces of King Herod emphasizing his immense wealth, and yet he pursued the family of a poor carpenter out of fear. Joseph displays a character of faithfulness and protective love which should be seen in all of us.

The Reliability of the Word!


How many people question the reliability of the existence of Aristotle, or Plato? How many modern thinkers doubt that the writings of the historian Herodotus are actually his? Yet so many people doubt the existence of Jesus and the writings of the Bible! This message addresses the doubters! Please use the information contained in this […]