Sermons by Pastor Frank

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Ordering Chaos


Financial failure, family failure, terminal illness…all forms of chaos in life. But we can bring order out of the chaos…! ( – four live motivational seminars each week!)



The principles of increase are available to us all. Find them here! www.amiraclechurch,com – 4 free live online motivational meeting every week!

Whose Report?


Every day we can choose to believe the circumstances of life as we see them, or as God sees them! No matter what we see, what we feel, or what others are saying, if the Word of God, the Bible, declares a promise…whose report will we believe?!

Eyes of Our Understanding


What does this mean and how can we open the “eyes of our understanding”? Is it important that we do open them? Why would the Bible instruct us to pray for this and what is the result?

Understanding The Bible


Which Bible translation should we read? Which one is the best? Does it matter? How did we get so many different versions? Can we trust the Bible to be the Word of God? Glad you asked…!

Shake It Off


So many things in life try to attach themselves to us…doubts, temptations, sins, weakness, insecurity and inferiority just to name a few. Well, shake them off and go forward in faith!