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The Passover Meal

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Thursday, 30 AD dawned in Jerusalem with an spring chill in the air.  Later that day, it was probably still quite cool as the long afternoon shadows gave way to the setting sun.  The city however, was buzzing with activity.  Final preparations were being made for the Passover Seder that evening. Jesus awakened early on […]

The Beginning of The End of The Beginning

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About two thousand years ago, the streets of Jerusalem were crowded with tens of thousands of pilgrims who had come up for the Passover.  The city swelled to three times it’s normal population of about fifty thousand as  pilgrims continued to stream into the city.  Every inn and private home was bursting with visitors.  Vast […]

The Passover Lamb

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This evening Passover begins.  Jewish families around the world will gather at sundown to eat the holiday foods and read through the Haggadah or “telling” of the Passover story.  Let’s take a moment to reflect upon Jesus participation in this timeless celebration of freedom.   When John first saw Jesus approaching through the Judean wilderness […]